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If you listen to your inner voice, your instinct knows everything


It takes extraordinary courage and bravery to make real change, are you often left frustrated by the leadership in your business?

I hear you and I see you. 


Change can often feel completely unachievable when the pressure of competing demands is overwhelming and prioritising you comes last after everyone else.   

Do you feel stuck on where to apply your focus in your career?

Do you feel that unless you're on the Board - nothing will change in your company?


Are you struggling to get the results you want?

My coaching practice will empower you and help you feel energised when you wake up, instead of tired and fed up. 

I am here to help you find the courage and confidence to change your life and transform your career.


My coaching system will connect your brilliance with your purpose and set you up confidently for a seat at that table. 

Get absolute clarity and confidence to live the career you want. 

Bryony Williams Coach to HR
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Hi I’m Bryony, founder of The Glass Female,
I am dedicated to HR professionals who are seeking a gateway to the life they had previously only dreamt and hoped for. 

Bringing my own experience of transformational coaching, my practice holds you in a nurturing space to help you move forward and make lasting life shifts - you will leave me feeling empowered, equipped and unstoppable.
My client Annie says - "Warning to anyone who works with Bryony - you will start to believe in yourself, your confidence will grow and you will feel like you can do anything"

If I am your person (book a chemistry call to find out) then I will be your biggest cheerleader! My coaching process nurtures a safe, calm and expansive space with warmth, professionalism and a smidge of good humour.

If you want a life that moves your soul and and a career that plays to your innate talents - I would like to partner with you on your journey.

Let’s take that leap to the future you deserve. Let's get you on the Exec!

The secret to getting on to the Executive Board within your business, is no secret. It is a process. 

I use three core activators to help you know and reach your goals and step into a more powerful and influential you.

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Gaining clarity on your purpose can unlock your whole self, in order to change we have to be aware. Let's partner together to unleash your purpose, tap into your calling and influence your dream life.

Know your why!

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Amplifying your voice, knowing your own value, saying YES to opportunities! I will help you find your secret sauce and be proud of it, releasing fear and unlearning beliefs that have been holding you back. 

Take the first step.

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I work with leaders and women who are ready to show up, the shift in mindset will expand your own voice and allow you to communicate your own vision with ease. Listening to your inner voice, trusting your intuition and allowing your purpose to shine through your communication. 

Boss your own style.

Book a free 30 min chemistry call today

Merilin Maanas, BetPawa Group

"One wise woman has said: My mentor unleashed my passions, channelled my energy, guided my growth, and encouraged my success. These are the absolute best words to describe the journey and experience with Bryony. Bryony easily hits just the right tone and format, which results in an exceptionally light and yet purposeful collaboration with the client. And after all that happens - be prepared because you are definitely opening the door to the next step in your career!"
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