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An open invitation to HR

✍️ Dear HR

👀 Who is looking out for you?

One of the reasons I started coaching was to support, nurture and elevate women in HR.

The other reason was to get HR on the Board.

As of Summer this year, there are only 9 women on the Board in the FTSE 100. There are NO black women (😳)

“When women do show up on leadership teams, they are often HR or marketing chiefs – roles stereotyped as “soft” and more focused on people than performance. Crucially, unlike their finance or operations counterparts, they are less often seen as contenders for the top job.” (Raconteur, Feb 23)

Across the FTSE all-share there are just 2 executive board members with HR backgrounds (Hidden talent report)

A staggering 2% of companies have HR on the board (CIPD report)

Why do I think you, HR, should be on the Board:

  1. All of those businesses are made up of PEOPLE

  2. Translating your business objectives into a strategy for resourced delivery involves how you engage and incentivise your PEOPLE

  3. Your PEOPLE look to HR for direction, support, emotional and physical well-being, learning, culture, communication, help…the list goes on!

  4. All the poeple on your board are PEOPLE.

I’m on a mission.

If you want to join me, if you want to continue to help improve these stats - I want to partner with you.

Im on a mission to get you on the Board, HR.

I’m kicking off with a round table event early next year at a beautiful members house in Clerkenwell with some glorious speakers … if you want to be involved, to be coached, to speak at an event, to mentor someone, or just to bring your ideas - come and speak with me… we’re stronger together.

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