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Talent Development Coaching & Strategy

Building a foundation for talent development in your business is crucial. To be honest, it’s often overlooked. Like in all great workplaces, ensuring that your employees have the opportunity to learn and grow in a trusting and supportive environment is the key to building (and maintaining) a strong, happy, high performing team. 


Bringing in an experienced talent development coach to build a strategy, design training, and development programs to improve employees’ skills or performance is the best way to reach your business goals. 


When your team feels empowered, supported, and rewarded for their great performance, morale only improves. Raise the bar for your workforce and your industry with an expert talent development strategy, and see improvements in: employee performance, trust, discretionary effort, autonomy, confidence, and happiness!

I get it – the workplace can be a bit of a jungle sometimes. But don't worry, with my passion and years of experience, I’m here to be your friendly HR consultant, guiding you through the ever-changing terrain. 


No corporate jargon, just real talk and practical solutions to make your HR better. 

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Who am I?

I’m Bryony, a dedicated and passionate HR coach, career mentor and talent development coach working with businesses across London and Surrey to transform their HR and overall success. 


After 16 years of experience in HR and career coaching, I have a knack for getting the job done. I like to partner with the people AND your product  - that means being in the room, 

creating relationships, and understanding your business goals. I use agile working and product design methods to create strategy, followed by team and individual coaching to implement.


As a dedicated talent development coach working across London and Surrey, I relish the opportunity to break down barriers and help you progress with an unbiased approach, in situations where perhaps you don’t have the resources, or you simply do not have the experience in-house.​

HR Consultancy You Can Believe In

There are a few different ways that I provide businesses with talent development expertise to help them reach their goals.

  • 1:1 & Group Talent Development Coaching

  • Performance Reviews & Feedback Culture

  • Path to Partner, Director & C-Suite Career Coaching

  • Succession Planning

  • Change & Project Sprints

Talent Develoment FAQs 

Talent development is the strategic method of helping employees position themselves for career advancement within their company. It’s the organised process of increasing performance and identifying strengths and attitudes that align with the organisation’s goals.

Talent Development to Boost Your Business Forward

Looking to boost your business forward? Let me help. Book a free consultation today!

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