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Transformative HR Consultancy Across London & Surrey

If you've found me, the chances are you have a specific people-related task that needs starting, solving or finishing. If you’re like me, you believe that providing an HR service is all about people and tech, not just policies. 


I get it – the workplace can be a bit of a jungle sometimes. But don't worry, with my passion and years of experience, I’m here to be your friendly HR consultant, guiding you through the ever-changing terrain. 


No corporate jargon, just real talk and practical solutions to make your HR better. 

Friendly Meeting

Who am I?

I am that special blend of HR expertise meets holistic people intuition, I am skilled at understanding your challenges and needs quickly and discreetly. I don’t just know policies and best practices, I know people. I believe HR is about empathy, nurturing and activating people into their roles, and making workplaces a brilliant place to be.

As a dedicated HR consultant working across London and Surrey, I relish the opportunity to remove barriers and help business progress with an unbiased approach, where perhaps resources cannot meet the need or you simply do not have the experience in-house.​ 

With over 16 years of practical experience in HR consulting in London, I now strive to help businesses in the surrounding area, like yours, reach their commercial goals. 

HR Consultancy You Can Believe In

I believe in nurturing not just companies, but the very essence of their teams. My philosophy as an HR consultant is grounded in the understanding that a thriving workplace is one where every thread, from recruitment strategies to employee well-being, is woven seamlessly together. 


My passion is helping people move away from HR that is centred around policies and procedures; I’m about fostering a culture of collaboration, growth, and inclusivity. It’s time to see Human Resources as the heartbeat of any organisation, connecting all facets to create a harmonious and flourishing work environment. 


My HR Consulting Services

Virtual HRD

Virtual HRD is a great tool for your company to unlock increased flexibility and easier accessibility for staff. Virtual HR development can be more cost-effective, as well as being easily customisable for you to save time and resources in the long run. I can step in and firefight, fix your issues and leave you with a happy HR team and maybe even a new HRD. I can support you on a part-time, fixed-term basis depending on your needs.​​

​People Strategy (SMEs)

Have you grown quickly as a business? Or perhaps you have gone through a lot of change in the last 2 years? Maybe you're ready to grow now... whatever your needs, let's review your people strategy or create a new one that delivers for the business and strengthens your offering in today's competitive market. ​

Your talent are your asset, without them your business would not succeed, I can help you bring focus to a variety of areas such as:


  • Coaching your top talent

  • Succession planning

  • Leadership development

  • Path to partner/board programmes

  • Retirement coaching

  • Communication strategy for growth, sale, exit

Talent development

My comprehensive employee relations & coaching service goes beyond the basics, offering a tailored approach to support individuals in transition (TUPE/Performance Management/Grievances). 

From personalised coaching sessions and interview preparation and appeal hearings to meticulous CV reviews and engaging group communication workshops, I know that each person's journey is unique. Whether working in small groups or through one-on-one interactions, I make a point to understand and address the distinctive needs of every individual as well as the business.

Committed to tapping into the potential of those transitioning through or out of your organisation, I guide and motivate them for a comfortable exit and a successful future. The result is a sustained or departing workforce that feels genuinely cared for and well-prepared, ensuring they carry forward a warm and positive association with your brand.

Employee Relations (exit coaching)

Ways to work with me

Personal 1-2-1


One to one coaching typically involves 6-8 sessions with me. 

You can expect to kick off with a chemistry call and then spend the following focus sessions:

-  unlocking your belief systems

- working towards a powerful goal

- transforming your mindset

- empowering your own growth

and through self awareness, learning and lifting the lid on what's getting in your way, change your life for the better. 

We will set practical actions together and I will keep you accountable on your progress, my goal is to nurture you through your transformation and guide you to unleashing your true self.

Take a look at my client testimonials to see what others say about me. 

Glass of Power:

Master your Career

Why not have the benefits of coaching but share in your journey with a community of like minded women, my groups are small and intimate. 

We meet every week for

4 weeks as a group & you will have homework between coaching.

Sessions are weekly

(1 hour LIVE) 

the next cohort is planned for January 2024

This is a 4 week OPEN UP mastermind, you will tap into your calling, become empowered and confident in yourself and learn effective tools to reflect, respond and  fine tune your voice and value. It's a tall, refreshing glass of power!

Chemistry & After Care

What to expect on a chemistry call: 

There is no obligation to work with me, on a chemistry call we will chat about where you are at in your career, life and wellness and what kind of change you are looking for.


Perhaps you don't know what you want or you're facing some big decisions, use this 30 minutes to get to know me and see if we are a good fit. 

My clients say that I offer a safe, nurturing and empowering space for them to grow and nourish there true desires. In order to change we have to be challenged and so I will always ensure that you feel comfortable when challenged, check in to see if you want to continue and check back after our coaching relationship has come to a close. 

I like to meet again a year after we have worked together - to celebrate your wins and support you further if you need it. 

Isla Maso

"Bryony is very calming and I instantly feel relaxed when having our sessions. She has changed my life. Bryony uses techniques connecting you to your mind, body and soul, which is very different to any other coach I have had and I really relate to this."

London’s HR Consulting for Tangible Results


Is it time for an extra pair of hands? Get in touch to book your free chemistry call!

If your needs fall outside of the above I work with several specialist people consultants, please reach out if you would like any recommendations. 

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