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From Niggle Prone to Powerfully Pain Free

What happens when women get together to discuss empowered health?

Robust conversation, some de-bunking, real life experience sharing and secrets to living powerfully pain free.

Tip #1 - Grounding your feet

Your feet support your gravity line and as Caz explains, from a young age they go into shoes and then we ignore them! Listen in for her secrets to holding your gravity line.

Tip #2 - The 'Tom Hardy' hand!

Imagine Tom Hardy holding a hand behind your sacrum and gently pushing you forwards, this was the difference for me personally in starting to correct my pelvic posture during day to day activities and even during exercise techniques such as the bridge.

Tip #3 - The "reset" lie down

Ever driven for 2-3 hours and wondered why you feel tired and a little out of line? When you get to your destination try lying down, you can even try it after a day at your desk - this realigns your physical line and allows your body to reset your positioning.

Tip #4 - Go at your own pace

Your wellness journey is personal to you and your body is different to everyone else's, we are prone to following trends, classes and diets that can't possibly meet everyone's individual needs. So go at your own pace, listen to your body and find what works for you - it's not a competition.

Come and get some help from us...

If you want to work on your body and overall health - get in touch with Pieta at

If you have niggles and pains and want to live pain free contact

If you want to STEP INTO YOUR OWN POWER - let's have a chemistry call, Don’t be shy. Click here.

We're all here to help.

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